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Behind the Line: Escape to Dunkirk

Behind The Line: Escape To Dunkirk Official Trailer
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1940 Belgium, the Ardennes Forest. Danny, his friend Bill & their squad are captured, by SS troopers and taken to a holding camp, Commander in charge Schmit, a fan of boxing, notices Danny’s ability whilst fighting in the courtyard & forces him into an organized fight. Despite being told to throw the fight Danny wins it. As punishment Schmit arranges a second fight against his own Champion, The Black Hun, who has never been defeated. The other prisoners see this as an opportunity to organize an audacious escape attempt, before they all get transferred to camps deep within German territory. Can Danny stand up against the Black Hun and will the escape work or will the POW’s plan be discovered and their hopes of escape ended for good.

Director: Ben Mole

Cast: Sam Gittins, Jennifer Martin, Tim Berrington, Joe Egan




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